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Monday, November 16, 2009


so you want to know a little bit about me well here’s a start, you see I believe that we all have addictions, well my addiction is doing every possible activity that enriches my intellect, some I have more interest in and some I have less but altogether it’s a fun combo of life, I have strong interest in everything involving art, every art form music, paint, dace, everything!... Believe it or not even though I spend a lot of my time appreciating others art and practicing mine, I just don’t see myself at least for now since this thought might change ‘making my art work, or combining it’ art is for me to relax and enjoy!

I’m also in love with languages, I think communication opens doors, not only for social purposes but further more, right now I speak three languages English Spanish and Italian but I don’t think I’m ever going to have enough!

I do like math and science as well; I’m an engineering student so you can figure it out…, I believe that this side of me looks for versatility, being an engineer is introducing me into many fields, and combining them in a single path, I don’t really think it’s including everything I want, but it’s about the best I found, in the future, probably, my soul will seek to fulfill the blanks engineering is leaving, and hopefully, I will have a very nice combo of what I really like and so I'll find out what im doing for the living.